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Glow in the Dark Dummies

Sun, sea, sand, stress!
Family holidays are where lasting memories are made, but travelling with small children can quickly turn fun into frustration. Dummies may not be at the top of your ‘to pack’ list but they can help your holiday run smoothly and pass without stress and tears, ensuring that the memories you make are happy ones.

Rummaging in the dark
Whatever type of accommodation you go for it is likely children will need to share a bedroom. Cue fun, excitement and arguments over who gets the top bunk! Avoid midnight tears and sleepless nights by investing in glow in the dark dummies. They are such a simple concept but an invaluable ‘piece of kit’! The safe glow in the dark coating on the outside of the dummy shines brightly in the darkness so that it is easier for children to find a dropped dummy for themselves – meaning you may not even have to get out of bed at all! But if they drop it out of reach you can quickly silence the crying by finding the dummy without having to turn on the light and disturb other sleeping children.

Washing glow in the dark dummies
Everyone knows dummies spend more time on the floor than in mouths. Whilst at home you wouldn’t think twice about running a dropped dummy under the kitchen tap, but you should avoid doing this in foreign countries because the difference in the composition of the water can cause upset tummies. Just carrying a bottle of mineral or spring water solves this problem with ease. Plus, if you’re somewhere hot a dummy dipped in cool mineral water will help to stop your little ones from overheating and getting thirsty.

Car twister
Car journeys always start out so well – children are excited to be going on holiday, the first hour is filled with eye spy, collecting number plate letters and counting cars, but after a while boredom and tiredness set in and a dummy offers some peace, quiet and comfort. Searching for a dropped dummy in a car is like playing twister, with parents twisting themselves into impossible positions in order to reach over to the back seat. Using dummy clips on seat belts or on children’s clothes takes away the need to rummage around in foot wells and down the side of car seats. Fastening a dummy to the back of the front seat means you’ll always have a dummy to hand. Keeping a few spares in an airtight container in the glove box is a good idea too and makes sure that you are always well-equipped for a long journey.

Taking to the skies
Flying can be exciting and fascinating but can also be quite scary and unnerving for children. Having a dummy on hand can help to offer comfort and also offer relief when landing and taking off as they encourage babies and small children to swallow, which helps ease the ear pain that occurs due to pressure changes. A small bottle of natural sanitiser is all you need to keep the glow in the dark dummies clean and hygienic during the flight.

The great outdoors
Family holidays often include trips to the beach, city streets and open hills. If your child is wearing a backpack, use a piece of soft elastic to attach a dummy to the back or shoulder strap so that even if it is ejected in excitement it won’t be lost. You could also attach a thick food bag and clip to the end of the elastic to ensure that the dummy is kept free of dirt and germs.

A beautiful night under the stars is a wonderful gift to give any child. As the sun sets and you get ready for bed children need their favourite teddy bears, blankets and dummies to soothe them to sleep. A glow in the dark dummy makes it easy to spot a lost dummy in the darkness of a tent, meaning that everyone is calm and enjoys the peaceful natural surroundings.

Regardless of which form of transport you use during your holiday you can guarantee that there will be waiting involved. Be it at check in, on a station platform or in a traffic jam children get bored and impatient whilst waiting. Expect to wait however you travel and pack for every eventuality. A dummy may help to distract and comfort a small child whilst they are in an unfamiliar situation or help them to sleep through delays and queues. Having a dummy to hand can also help to kill the boredom of waiting and soothe impatient children. Calm children means a smooth start to your trip. Begin as you mean to go on!

Travel sickness
With holidays comes travel and with travel comes sickness for some children. One of the best ways to reduce the chances of children being sick whilst travelling is to travel when they are sleeping. This is because when they have their eyes closed and are slumbering they are not taking in the movements and sights around them that cause motion sickness. Travelling at nap times and using a dummy to make sure that children fall and stay asleep is a natural and safe approach to tackling travel sickness. A quiet car is a happy car!

Travelling with friends
Discovering the world and enjoying all that travelling has to offer is even more fun with friends, especially when travelling with friends and their children. Taking a group of children on holiday means cars and hotel rooms strewn with a multitude of toys, clothes and dummies. It is easy for belongings to get mixed up and make their way into the wrong luggage. Personalised dummies and dummy clips are a great addition to your holiday suitcase as they ensure that children use their own dummies and don’t lose them. Plus, little ones love seeing their name on something that belongs to them.

Making dummies and glow in the dark dummies an essential will ensure that your holidays are full of fun and happiness rather than tears and frustration.

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