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MAM Dummy Clips

MAM dummy clips
Welcome to MAM dummy clips, we have a vast selection of dummy clips for you to buy online.
Personalised dummies are the perfect present for a friend’s baby shower, birthday etc. Each dummy clip can be customised to your requirements including name of your child and various colours to choose from, pink for the girls and blue for the boys.

Thanks so much, my toddler loves his new personalised dummy clip. Michelle, Devon XX
Love how quick the baby dummy clip arrived. Thanks for your support. Laura, Scotland.
We stock a wide range of MAM dummy clips from simple designs to cartoon characters and farm animals.
The MAM dummy clips are made from durable material; meaning it wears well and you get excellent value for money. Cheaper alternatives to our products tend to fall apart after a few months.

What are MAM dummies?
MAM dummy clips are a device used to firstly keep your babies dummy within easy reach of your baby (very important when teething) and secondly helps keep the dummy from falling on the floor. Especially when babies learn to walk and talk, they tend to walk about a lot and spit their dummy out when in tantrum or if they want a drink. The dummy clip helps stop the dummy from falling on the floor.
Types of personalised dummies
There are all different types of MAM dummy clips from simple designs including ribbon, beads of varying colour and the dummy clip holder, character dummy clips and farm yard animals can also be attached. You can also get your babies name added to the dummy clip which makes a perfect gift for a christening, newborn present or stocking filler.

Advantages of using MAM dummy clips
• Stops the dummy falling on the floor
• Stops the dummy getting lost
• Makes the dummy accessible as and when the baby needs it.
Better still, personalised dummies come in all sorts of colour’s and designs. You could keep it traditional with pink for a baby girl, blue for a boy, or keep it neutral with your own choice of colourful ribbons and beads. You can even choose to add baby’s name to the clip for a really personal touch. As baby becomes a toddler, they will no doubt develop their own sense of ‘style’ so a new dummy chain can be a fantastic present on their first birthday, and would make a lovely stocking filler at Christmas too. Perhaps they have a favourite cartoon or love a particular animal? They will love a new dummy clip that features their favourite character for extra style!

The baby’s dummy can have their name, favourite football team to be! or just decorated with small crystals to make the dummy look more attractive. The actual strap itself can come in a range of MAM brands (again make sure the person has rights to sell the product because it will be trademarked).
Another alternative with the baby dummy clip is you can add colourful or transparent beads to it for decoration or you can mix it up and add letters to the dummy clip thus personalising it with the babies name.
I setup MAM dummy clips because I was forever loosing dummies or rather little madam kept losing her dummy. I wanted to create something that not only kept the dummy safe but looked good too! every babies personality is different that’s where the idea was born. I decided to make some dummy clips for myself to begin with, one of my friends asked me where did I get my dummy clip from she could do with one as she has the same problem of keep loosing dummies and when you are on limited income every penny counts right . After making a few dummy clips for friends and family. One of my friends asked me why don’t I sell them online. I thought it was a brilliant opportunity to earn extra income. I had a friend build me the website and the rest is history. I hope you enjoy my website.
A personalised dummy can make the perfect stocking filler. Traditional dummies look so boring and unattractive. With a small outlay you can pay someone to personalise it for you either with the baby’s name or you put your favourite football team on the dummy. Any personalised gift adds that personal touch whether it’s for Christmas, Christening for a friend or baby shower gift. You can also get a sterling silver babies dummy and have it engraved. This would be perfect gift for the mother of the new born baby.

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